Habibi: Generation to Generation

Hazrat Usman (Late)

“May God bless him with All His Mercy”

Hazrat Usman - Habibi Restaurant and Bar.B.QFather of Mr. Habib Ullah Zahid (CEO) was the Founder of Today’s Habibi chain of restaurants. Though formerly it was named as Pardesi Restaurant and the foundation stone was laid during 1950 in Khyber Bazar , the hub of Peshawar city (KPK). It was the time when He moved from his native town of Bannu to Peshawar city and started the Restaurant business. The gentleman worked hard and achieved with his strong determination and age long experience achieved the repute as successful businessman in the restaurant industry of that era.



Mr. Habib Ullah Zahid

CEO – Habibi Chain of RestaurantsHabib Ullah Zahid - CEO Habibi Restaurant and Bar.B.Q

His broad vision, competence, creative orientation and amazing decision making ability has enlisted his name in the top class successful Restaurateurs. With all his thoughtful approach he is always striving for extending uplifting, promoting and attaining more and more repute for his business. Often quoted being involved in the restaurant business for the last 55 years. That the skills and experience needed to run a successful restaurant business are inherited in me from my Father Hazrat Usman. Always conveys the message to be honest in delivering the satisfaction to customers in every aspect.


Mr. Muhammad Faizan Zahid

Director Habibi Chain of Restaurants

Muhammad Faizan Zahid - Director Habibi Chain of RestaurantsThe elder son of Mr. Habib Ullah Zahid (CEO) joined the company as Director in recent years. Besides his studies goes hand in hand with his father and the management to share the issues of restaurant business. He owns remarkable capability to learn and positive handling of business.